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How Is Your Relational Fitness? Is Your Team Relationship Management Ready?

When it comes to social events, how do you feel? FOMO or JOMO?

Do you have a FOMO (fear of missing out) or a JOMO (a joy of missing out)? What about a JOGO (joy of going out) or a HOGO (feeling the hassle of going out)? Whether you are a mo or go, don't worry. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and you are entitled to your feelings.

Problems only come when you are not where you want to be. Indeed, according to Mainstreet Insight almost 3 in 5 of us don't feel confident attending and organising social events – irrespective of our abilities. This can – and should – change.

Relational Fitness

Something strikes to the heart of these social tendencies, and it’s called relational fitness. In other words, how practised we are at relating to others. This is fundamentally about the soft, social, and emotional skills we engage when relating to others. They are essential to building and maintaining quality relationships.

The important thing is that they can be improved. Just like regular fitness, hard work and practice refines these skills and allows us to improve our social relationships. It really is as easy as that. By doing your research, attending more social events, and seeking out expert advice, anyone can become a JOGO.

Team Relationship Management

This isn't only an internal or personal story. It is vital to assess the relational fitness of those around you, especially when you’re working in a team. Be aware that each MO or GO comes with its own set of emotions and behaviours, which need accommodating. Respect others’ positions, show empathy, kindness and always ask for help and see how others are doing.

Need help? We are here to support and guide you and your teammates. From JOGO to JOMO, we would love to see where you are right now and offer a helping hand.

Consider enrolling to our public workshop Map-Connect-Invest Your Network on 22nd March 2023 or Contact the Relatus team today to discuss in house training.

Happy relationships,


Julia Palmer a respected Relational Strategist and Chief Executive of Relatus, helping you develop your relational capabilities to give you the human advantage.


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