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Networking is a learnt skill!

The world has changed but humans need to connect and collaborate more than ever! We believe social, soft and emotional skills will be the differentiator to your ongoing success.


Bring your human capital to life by investing in your social capital.

Since 2005, we are dedicated to helping you transfer the learning and apply it to you and your world.

Choose to join us at a self paced, in person or blended program for individual capability development. For team development, contact us to tailor a program in-house.

Networks have and always will be our most important asset. 

This is your opportunity to refine your relationship networking skills and gain the necessary strategies you need to succeed in our modern working environment.

  • Map your connections

  • Identify weak ties

  • Learn how to engage and connect more deeply

  • Build your profile and influence

  • Deliver more value to your stakeholders and derive more from all your relationships 

Choose a program best suited to what you need...

Self Paced
6 Week Micro Learning 

Follow along on our app and complete actions to refine your networking approach and implement techniques to be relationship focussed

Your Network
Public Workshop

Map your connections, create a  personalised relationship plan and invest in your network.

24 October 2023 - 1/2 day workshop with Leading Relational Strategist Julia Palmer

Personalised 1:1 RQ coaching or team training program

Take a deep look at your values,  traits and emotional intelligence to help you communicate, present and influence more effectively

Relatus RQ ProgramCover.png
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 2.15.17 pm.png
Want to discuss your challenges and find the best match in program?
Schedule a call directly with Julia Palmer

What clients say

"...Within 3 months, I had seen a significant improvement in our sales performance, and we finished the year nearly 50% ahead of our previous years sales results. I’m certain the program you delivered contributed significantly to this, and I thank-you. It’s a skill we often take for granted, but after completing the training, its obvious that significant improvement can be made by learning the ‘right way’ to network by understanding the art.


—  General Manager - Victoria and Tasmania, Vodafone

Need Help Deciding... Here is what is included in each;

Self Paced Micro Learning
Individual RNP
Customised in-house RNP
Access to actions/ activities on an interactive micro learning app to embed learnings
Learn in your space. Confidently test and apply new skills in your world. Through our custom designed and award winning methodology you will embed new behaviours whilst being guided in micro steps by our relational expert coach

Program curated by Julia Palmer
Decades of experiences utilising tried and tested techniques

Face-to-face Workshop
Work with a highly qualified relational strategist to learn real human skills

x1 (after Covid-19)

x4 (after Covid-19)

Virtual Workshop
Live reviews of where you are the group are at and answers your questions as we go



1:1 Coaching session
This half hour confidential coaching session is an opportunity to discuss your personalised relationship networking strategy

Access to frameworks, further reading articles, videos, etc
Always great to utilise proven and tested supporting materials

Access to Emotional Intelligence Test and personalised report
Develop your Emotional Intelligence. Understand your own strengths and areas for improvement in your ability to recognise, use, understand & manage your intra and interpersonal skills

1:1 coaching EI feedback session
This half hour confidential coaching session is an opportunity to discuss your results and how you will incorporate steps/ strategies to work towards your goals

Access to all online materials
Download your interactive workbook to keep a record of all your actions

Training Folder, and all materials
The practical nature of this program means you will be learning and refining skills immediately. The materials provided will support this and help you develop further over time
✔ online version

✔ online version 

Customised to your organisation’s needs
Align the program to your organisation’s goals, needs and feel supported by senior leadership. Stakeholder Interviews and input included

Client report with KPI’s measured and all engagement results
All habits need knowledge, skill and time to change. The program is aligned to all activity to help measure tangible results

Certificate of Completion
Be confident with your new human skills

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