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A Selection of Valued Clients 
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At RELATUS, we understand that behavioural change takes time.  Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.

Our services bring together psychology, neurology and science and are agnostic to industry and roles.

Our clients require specialised services;

  • Any size company/Institution – we work with fortune 500 companies to small  businesses, Universities, Associations and Agencies.

  • Any industry sector – Our clients are varied: IT, Telecommunications, Media, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Tourism, Events and Charities

  • Any job title – we have customised programs for CEO’s, Senior Management, Academic Researchers, Scientists, Human Resources, Sales, Business Development, Technical, Events, Marketing, Administration and Executive Assistants.

TESTIMONIALS from in-house clients 

"UNSW Sydney has engaged Julia and Relatus for the last five years to equip UNSW researchers with the essential networking, relationship management and human skills needed to succeed in contemporary work places and society more broadly.


Gone are the days when deep technical and subject matter expertise alone are sufficient for success. Julia is an outstanding communicator and facilitator and I cannot recommend her highly enough to all sectors and disciplines."


Director, Knowledge Exchange, UNSW Sydney

"For a small team it is critical we are able to maximise our impact with smart ways of working and effecting influence through all our relationships. Julia and the team at Relatus listened to understand our specific needs, connected with the diversity of experiences and roles across the team and tailored a service that delivered really practical take-aways for each of us to apply in our day-to-day work.


The evidence and connection that underpins how Relatus delivers is a point of difference that ensures a respectful learning environment, builds understanding and drives reflections and positive behaviours long-term. Highly recommend."

Chief Executive Officer, Consult Australia

"With the consistent changing nature of work the need to connect and relate with people has never been stronger. 

Julia is exceptional. Her ability to connect to an audience in an engaging, authentic and relatable way is refreshing. Julia was engaged to teach and assist our sales consultants in understanding the importance and process of building relationships - to take the mystique away.

Julia was able to win the hearts and minds of 40 sales consultants and create an inspiring and highly energized workshop.


Feedback from our team has ranged from: " I have seen a lot of presenters and Julia is by far the best" "authentic" " fun" "provided very useful techniques and tips that will help me" " High energy" good vibes" " Interesting and informative" " yeah good, real good".



CEO at Davidson Technology

We have worked with Julia and Relatus for over a decade in different ways. 


Our business thrives and grows off the back of client relationships, we will grow 15% this year. Over the last decade we have grown by 300% and I have no doubt this is due to the training we have done with Julia in developing our networks and capabilities.

Overall our team have learned that a lot of this (networking, EQ, communication) is learned behaviour and developing good habits as much as natural flair.  It was a revelation to our team that each person can develop their own style to suit them. This was a major breakthrough for us. 

The RNP blended program over several months was by far our best investment in our people and the results are showing that it has been very worthwhile.”


Principal & Structural Engineer
Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

“I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for your participation in the Talent2 conferences recently. We received so much positive feedback on your sessions – it truly made a difference. Our team members said that your sessions provided valuable skills that will help them on a daily basis…and you delivered the knowledge in a way which was enjoyable and highly accessible. This was not easy given the different levels of business experience present in each room. You were such a delight to work with and I couldn’t recommend you more highly.”

General Manager, Talent2

"Having worked with Julia & BNA over the last two years, I am pleased to say that participants from all departments have shown a remarkable improvement in their ability to network.

In particular we can see an improvement in their proactive networking activity levels and their follow up after an event. Participants also feel more confident thanks to implementing a more strategic approach".

Learning & Development Manager - Sara Lee Australia

“It was unanimous that you, as the presenter, were prepared to deliver the course and that you managed the learning environment very well. All attendees felt that their attendance was a good investment of their time and would recommend the course to colleagues....

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you to deliver more programs to the business.”

Employee & Partner Learning Manager - ANZ Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"The staff found the training programs very enjoyable, very practical, and very enlightening.

They were all engaged and took significant learning’s from the sessions.

Within 3 months, I had seen a significant improvement in our sales performance, and we finished the year nearly 50% ahead of our previous years sales results. I’m certain the program you delivered contributed significantly to this, and I thank-you. It’s a skill we often take for granted, but after completing the training, its obvious that significant improvement can be made by learning the ‘right way’ to network by understanding the art.

General Manager - Victoria and Tasmania, Vodafone

“One of the most important things we do at AGSM is hosting Events and networking. We build and nurture relationships with our clients, potential partners, participants and alumni. 

I very quickly realised that there is both an art and skill to networking and not everyone is comfortable with how to authentically network.  Julia spent time understanding our individual and collective strengths and concerns and develop 4 modules of very practical and challenging sessions. 

I personally found the frameworks, tools and practice invaluable. I commend Julia and her team to anyone wanting to really understand authentic networking and strengthening business relationships.”

Executive Director | AGSM Executive Education AGSM@UNSW Business School

“As a management group we were really lacking the skills and confidence to network effectively at many events we attended throughout the year. It was common for us to attend the same function, sit together, and talk to one another and then leave without speaking to anyone else. 


Julia’s passion for relationship building really comes across in her program. I haven’t found any other Networking training program that is as thorough, flexible or practical. Everyone who attended walked away with new found confidence and a number of transferrable skills that have already been put to good use. I recommend this Networking Development Program for everyone, particularly those who don’t think they need it!”

Learning and Development Manager, Manchester Unity

“The development and managing of business relationships is crucial to any business that wants to grow. This means the need to maximise your network is no longer an option but an absolute necessity - we often think we know how it works but most of us don’t!

Thanks to undertaking some rigorous training in networking with Julia Palmer our organisation is now much more proficient in the art..”

General Manager Sales, Luna Park Sydney

“Our staff found the presentation to be engaging, challenging and humorous with an excellent rapport being quickly developed with the group.


The team greatly enjoyed their time and were talking about the session for days afterwards. Staff regularly now make mention of different things that they learnt about themselves - and their colleagues.


Our team can't wait to have you back again - they know that it will be time well spent”!!






"I'm thinking strategically about networking for the first time. In the past I thought networking was just something I did at face to face events, and didn't like it very much. The idea of tracking your network and planning regular touch points really resonates with me, and I think it has the potential to make those face to face events feel a whole lot less uncomfortable - they can become not just a forum for meeting new people, but for having face to face catch ups with people I've already been building a relationship with. I'm also thinking a bit differently about first impressions (and indeed ongoing impressions). Understanding more about how other might perceive me will help me balance being authentic with doing things I can control to make sure that I'm making it easy for other people to relate to me." Academic Reseracher,  School of Medical Science.


"Thank you Julia - your program has positively affected every facet of my interactions with others, from professional to private. It has also confirmed some good habits that I have regarding networking and added some small disciplines that have improved how effectively I network" Relationship Leader 

"Thank you Julia for your time through this course, greatly appreciated. I look forward to my extended team having this opportunity. As a result of this program I have proactively booked in catch ups with clients before they have contacted me and therefore they need something. This making the relationship much more natural" Manager   

"As a result of this program, I am being more conscious of how I communicate and keeping my network smaller and more effective. I am trying to develop better habits. I am trying to read more. This is developing a better habit whilst trying to learn about more.  I am trying to read a new book every two weeks" Relationship Manager 

"The most valuable part for me is that I learned how to be purposeful about networking. When I first started the workshop, I thought it would again be about communication and charisma in a way it would just repeat what numerous workshops have done before. I never imagined there was so much science about networking and you could be very strategic and organised about it. It was the key for me to put all of the knowledge to good use. the why is almost more important than the how" Academic Researcher, UNSW Sydney

"Thanks Julia, was a pleasure to take this journey with you, hope we weren’t too painful !!" For me it has reaffirmed that I was not utilising my network to its potential, yes I had plenty of relationships that I utilised as needed. Now I can be more targeted and be more focused on nurturing my current relationships as well as creating new ones. Procurement Director

"Thank you I really enjoyed our face to face classes. It is my responsibility to ensure I am increasing my connections and making a solid impact with the individual so they remember me, and more importantly our organisation. The program has allowed me to have a realistic understanding of the components that will help me deliver a stronger outcome and performance for the business." Project Director

"Julia, thanks for everything - you've been a great facilitator . Not precious and straight up". Senior Project Manager 

"The most valuable part for me was mapping my network, then developing a personalised relationship networking strategy which has enabled me to be more focused on consistency of contact with my core network including my family and friends" Relationship Manager

"The program held my attention for the whole day and the networking strategies I learned from it will make a huge impact in the way I network moving forward and also the way I communicate with clients and potential clients moving forward. I would recommend this to every sales person, business owner or people that network to grow their opportunities. Julia's style is professional, fun and engaging. Thank you" Director

"It is not often that I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed a workshop, but this is one such time. The content was interesting, the concepts useful and the delivery excellent. Thanks & will definitely recommend" General Manager Insurance

 "Great Course" Learning & Development Manager

"This is the first 'professional' training I have paid for myself and I can really recommend this training to everyone. This was a real eye opener" APAC L&D Consultant

"A solid grounding in relationship building techniques which can be put to immediate use" Marketing & Promotions, Enterprise Connect

"I found the course very fun, informative and practical. I will be able to use these skills in everyday life to be a much better networker" Recruitment Consultant

"A thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable course which will be of great use professionally, Julia is an exceptional presenter and person". Advisor

"This is a practical skill development course that I would recommend" Business Advisor

"I now have the confidence to approach people/groups without the fear of negative judgments or failure, I highly recommend Julia's work" Recruitment Advisor

"A Great course and presenter who clearly sets out the steps required to achieve networking success" Sponsorship & Exhibition Manager

"The workshop has put those hot tips into a structure and process that I can implement tomorrow and that I know will be successful. A day well spent for me and my network" Account Director

"Julia is an inspiring presenter and I learned how to use my skills in a context which will enable me to grow my business" Business Manager

One of the best sales courses I’ve ever done – and it wasn’t even a sales course” Director, Partnerships and Alliances

“Julia has an excellent presentation / facilitation style. She was able to impart knowledge, reinforce it and lead us to committing to practice what we have learnt” Business Manager, NSW & ACT

“Thank you for a very evolving and engaging session on networking. I certainly feel more confident about the newly learnt skills as they can be applied in business and social situations” National Strategic Partnership Manager

“Some really new and practical tips and strategies to use to help improve my relationships with clients” E-Learning Strategy Manager

“This was a very enjoyable course, I was somewhat skeptical to begin with – THAT HAS CHANGED – thanks again” Inside Sales Association

“Fantastic job, Julia well done. Your presentation style was inclusive and engaging and the content was to the point and spot on. Excellent job, thanks. Great metaphors and stories” Director of Education

"I have been networking for forty plus years and considered I had a good understanding of the process. This course identified some aspects I had not considered and showed how to conduct a more professional approach"  Director

“What a great day, this is an excellent workshop full of superb thoughts. It caused some fun & helpful discussion too – when the delegates participate that much you know it’s a winner. Thank-you so much for such a great day!” Managing Director

"If you lack confidence in meeting new people and strengthening existing relationships and want to improve then make the time to attend the Create Networks course.  The course will arm you with the tools to assist you to build confidence in forming strong business relationships." Director - Major IT Systems

“I really enjoyed the course and would strongly recommend it to anyone that deals with people”  New Business Manager

"I found the Networking with PEOPLE course very eye opening. I have been networking for many years and here is a development course which is able to improve my skills. Controlling the conversation is an area which I am specifically focusing on now."  Managing Director

“ Many thanks for the training, I think we all needed an enthusiasm injection for networking, and your sessions well and truly provided that. Thanks Julia, a skill for life”  Sales Manager

"Personal thanks for removing the fear out of public speaking and doing presentations" Underwriter

“A very valuable course – thoroughly relevant to by business and I have already seen the benefits from it – I would recommend this course”  Branch Manager

“Thank you so much for your time putting us through the paces of Networking! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and certainly came out with much more knowledge than I thought initially possible”  Event Sales Manager

“This course is a ‘must do’ for anyone who needs to network. It covers many aspects of networking that one would not have considered important prior to the course. Having attending the program, one realises that there are many important aspects to networking that typically a person may not think of. Developing strategies and evaluation were two areas I found of tremendous benefit. Julia is a good trainer, who knows her area very well and is able to draw on her own business experiences. I found this very helpful in relating the techniques to real situations.” Human Resources Director, Asia Pacific

“The course was a great opportunity to focus on the skills needed to be effective at networking, and prompted me to think about a strategy to further strengthen relationships with my clients”.  Chief Executive

“I can’t wait to try out the new techniques I learnt at the Networking with P.E.O.P.L.E course! Julia’s impressive presentation, which combined thorough research, anecdotes and practical tips, challenged many of the assumptions I had previously held regarding networking. As a result of the course I will now be a lot more considered in my preparation, goal setting and relationship building. I have no doubt that this course will have a positive impact on my company’s growth.” Managing Director

“In today’s time poor world the “PEOPLE” Program is a valuable tool in successful networking, maximising time utilisation”  CEO & Founder

“Well structured and solid material… that we can use positively”  General Manager Sales

"Julia is a great facilitator who has a great rapport with everyone. I really enjoyed her course” New Business Manager

“Networking for P.E.O.P.L.E is a welcome and unique course which has added immediate value to both my business & personal networking circles. I am delighted to have experienced breakthroughs in preparation, listening and follow up, not only in networking, but any meeting. The course has left me with confidence, structure and a real understanding of the impact my actions can have before, during and after on building a long term and fruitful relationship”  National Sales Manager

“The course provided me with a great framework for achieving more measurable networking goals” Business Development Manager

“Thank you for your time and energies in presenting "Networking with P.E.O.P.L.E." which, for my part, will certainly assist in lifting my networking skills to a far greater level. I did enjoy the sessions and look forward to putting the principles of effective networking into practice.”  Tourism Sales Manager 

"I found the course very beneficial and surprisingly interesting. I will be able to use the skills gained in both my professional and personal life."  Barista - Development Representative

"Excellent Strategies... Julia is great, a true professional." Key Account Manager

"Julia, certainly refreshed and updated my knowledge. I found it very beneficial and a pleasure to go through the course. I would certainly attend another course or a refresher in due time." Key Account Manager - VIC

"Very useful and free flowing..we were allowed to add our own opinions and ideas and to ask questions and did not feel intimidated" Icebreaker, DG Global

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