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Giving you the human advantage


Do you want better;


  • Employee Engagement

  • Customer/ Client Experience

  • Returns on sales/ marketing spend

  • Relationships with internal & external networks 


Partner with us to drive behavioural change and business results


Strategies to create and manage viable business relationships.

Relatus is dedicated to partnering with you to create a strategy that works.

Our advisory services help us gain a deep understanding of your opportunities, activities and goals. Additionally (and critically imperative to the strategy working) by working together over time, we develop your teams capabilities and ensure behaviours and actions are aligned to business outcomes.

We advise on;

Your Internal Focus:

  • Moving from a hierarchical to networked structure 

  • Breaking down silo's and connecting departments

  • Creating and running a social club that boosts productivity and morale

Your External Focus:

  •  Maximising Industry and Professional Memberships – including committee involvement

  •  Delivering value on Sponsorships – including devising a dedicated conference/ trade show plan

  •  Executing Corporate Hospitality – including assisting in event strategy and hosting

For over a decade, Julia Palmer and her team have helped organisations leverage their internal and external opportunities.

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