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Relational IntelligenceTM Coaching
for Leaders & Future Leaders  
Invest in your Social, Soft & Emotional Skills


This interactive professional development mentoring explores how to lead yourself and others with confidence and impact.

Given the focus is on connecting, you will develop an expanded awareness of your verbal and non verbal impact, deepen your emotional intelligence and learn proven strategies for more effective relationship management.

"The 21st-century change environment is evolutionary in nature. It requires a purposeful shift of paradigm through an active process of unlearning past practices and being savvy enough to facilitate social interventions as an ongoing experimentation to overhaul multiple stakeholder relationships, processes and cultures" Ekta Vyas, Ph.D

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 Next Steps to being a better Leader 

The World Economic Forum has strongly promoted the top 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The second social skill on the list is ‘Emotional intelligence’.

As it takes up to 3 months to reform a habit, our program is delivered over several sessions with actions in between.


The minimum program commitment is 6 sessions, conducted virtually with each session between 60-90 minutes depending on the identified content/ needs.  


Investment Fee will depend on program components and will include access to a dedicated app, Emotional Intelligence Assessments and corresponding personalised Reports with practical and applicable strategies to implement.

5 Steps to your relational strategy and career success

  1. OPTIONAL - Book a free chat first to arrange an introductory meeting - offered with compliments to ensure that you and your coach are comfortable working together

  2. Book one of the programs available to get started. The first session will include a detailed needs analysis to agree program schedule & duration (min 6 unless just doing EI assessment).

  3. Mentor customises program. Mentoree undertakes EI assessment and begin the pre work on a dedicated mobile micro learning app.

  4. Program commences (minimum of 6 sessions) to learn, refine and implement new habits, behaviours and techniques.

  5. Wrap up / celebrate achievements. Receive Program Report

Tailored to:
  1. Senior Management who operate in complex networks with partners, clients and stakeholders

  2. Anyone with direct reports or preparing for their next career move that will have a team reporting to you. 

  3. Those who want to lead with Emotional Intelligence and become more conscious of your decisions, behaviours and performance

  4. Leaders who want to have higher Emotional Intelligence and develop thier understand what motivates others, relate in a positive manner, and build stronger bonds in the workplace and beyond.

  5. New leaders who want to accelerate their ability to influence

  6. All those that understand personal brand and the ability to succeed are linked to the network of relationships you create and manage.

Challenges we cover (+ specific participant needs):
  1. Learn communication skills to inspire, motivate and influence people 

  2. Gain a deeper understanding of self and others by being more emotionally intelligent

  3. Uphold a positive image of yourself and your company 

  4. Apply tools and techniques to become a successful and confident communicator

  5. Overcome nerves and develop positive resource states 

  6. Implement a winning presentation style that communicates with your entire audience


“Thank you very much for your patience and persistence. I am not only a better Manager now I am a better person. The concepts and skills you have introduced me to are very effective in my professional life but also in my personal life”


Senior Manager | NRMA Motoring & Services

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Your Mentor

You will be working directly with Julia Palmer- highly regarded Relational Strategist 

Her expertise includes over 20 years of practice and research combined with Advanced Certifications in Neuro-linguistics, Emotional Intelligence (Genos & MSCEIT), Performance Consulting, Training and Assessment.


She has held senior level management positions working for multinational organisations and living in cities spanning Sydney, London, Stockholm, and Singapore, each experience honing her business acumen and evolving her managerial, communication, interpersonal and sales skills.


She has authored two books ‘Schmoozing the Globe’ and ‘BUZZ’ and appears regularly in TV, Radio and Print Media promoting the growing importance of networking relationships in business today.

A bit about Relatus

Since 2005, Julia Palmer and her team are proud to say that we have worked with a growing list of returning and new clients to refine their networking. communication and relationship skills with outstanding results.

In 2019, Relatus won Industry recognition for Learning Transfer and Blended Learning. The program we will customise for you was designed from over two decades of real world experience and is a genuine approach to creating and managing relationships with your complex networks.

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  1. How do I book my sessions?
    You will be provided with a meeting link to book ahead. If you need to re-schedule, you can do this with notice.

  2. Is there pre work?
    Yes, but not much. We will set you up on the app and ask you a few questions to help tailor the program for you.

  3. What is the app work?
    You will be given access to a dedicated mobile learning app that has actions and activities to do/ watch/ read. This helps you embed the strategies.


"One of the most important things we do at AGSM is hosting Events and networking. We build and nurture relationships with our clients, potential partners, participants and alumni.  I very quickly realised that there is both an art and skill to networking and not everyone is comfortable with how to authentically network.  Julia spent time understanding our individual and collective strengths and concerns and develop 4 modules of very practical and challenging sessions. 

I personally found the frameworks, tools and practice invaluable. I commend Julia and her team to anyone wanting to really understand authentic networking and strengthening business relationships.”​

Executive Director | AGSM Executive Education AGSM@UNSW Business School

" This Program has helped me to better identify and manage my network. It has given me the confidence and skills to nurture my network better, and given me confidence to “realise my potential".  It has given me a timely reminder to recalibrate my purpose

As a result of this program I will trust my own judgement on situations, develop my ability to regulate my own emotions, and build resilience"           

Principal, Mechanical Engineer / Energy Consultant

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