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Relational Leader Program

Achieve greater business success with

By refining your emotional intelligence skills, you can become the type of relational leader that takes their company to higher heights.

Gain the most cutting-edge future leader abilities available.

You will be able to continuously learn, reflect on, and apply new information in the workplace through our Relational Leader program. Thus, improving your leadership abilities and taking your business further.

Did you know that a person's emotions, interpersonal relationships, and job performance are all directly related?

To boost your team's performance, begin by developing your emotional intelligence. Essentially, the ability to recognise, comprehend, and influence emotion.

A happy employee is a productive employee.

In learning these skills, you will be able to drive business success.


You will also begin fostering a healthier work environment. One where your employees feel comfortable to share ideas, collaborate and grow as a team.

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A recent study released by the Harvard Business Review has confirmed the ongoing and intrinsic value of meeting face to face. Of the 2300 HBR subscribers, 79% stated that "in-person meetings are the most effective way to meet new clients to sell business" while 95% of all respondents said that "face-to-face meetings are a key factor in successfully building and maintaining long term relationships".

Invest in what you can control.

An effective leader is adept in motivating and communicating with staff to build commitment to business objectives.


Having strong emotional intelligence as a leader will advance your ability to:

Understand what motivates yourself and others.

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Relate in a positive manner.

Happy Office Workers

Build stronger bonds in the workplace and beyond.

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About the program.

Our Relational Leader program includes four half-day face-to-face workshops (or two full days), optional monthly cohort coaching to track and grow your progress, Genos 360 RE Assessments and Feedback Reports, as well as a Certificate of Completion.


Through our program you will begin to:

Explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence.

By understanding the ins and outs of emotions and emotional intelligence, you will be better equipped to lead your business.



Learn invaluable EI tools for leadership. 

With us you will examine tools and techniques for effectively asking for and responding to feedback as well as explore techniques for developing self and other awareness.


You will also examine how to use reactive and proactive techniques that build your resilience to effectively manage strong emotions.


Discover how to facilitate emotional intelligence throughout your company. 

By sharing the tips, tools, and knowledge you gain through our program, you will be able to grow your business’ perspective and productivity as a whole.

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Connect with Relatus today. Connect as a Relational Leader tomorrow.

Emotional intelligence is just as important as every other aspect of running your business - if not more so. An investment into your emotional intelligence is an investment into your business. Make the investment with Relatus.


Contact us today to discuss your business’ needs and create a tailored in-house delivery plan for success.

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It may appear that the core communication skill requirements of employers have not changed much over time. But the emphasis on collaborative work has altered dramatically. A Harvard Business Review study found that the time managers and employees spend on collaborative activities has increased by more than 50% in the past 20 years.

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