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Relationship Selling Program

Develop your human advantage and grow your business with

A large part of running a successful business involves selling, building, and maintaining a relationship. A relationship between you and your customers/clients.


In today’s virtual age, it is more important than ever to help buyers by fostering strong two-way relationships.


Therefore, a new sales style needs to be developed. One that accepts both perspectives. One that guides you through all types of interactions. One that results in long-term benefits for all parties.

Relationships work when each participant can harness their own natural style.

The sales force is caught in the centre of ongoing highs and lows in markets and economies. Advance your own relationship selling skills to ensure success. No matter the state of the market, and no matter the type of prospect.


With our help, you'll discover how to combine psychology and science with sound tactics. These vital relational skills will help you to change interactions at every touchpoint and in every situation.

Invest in what you can control.

It’s imperative that you are able to:

Highlight your

Your brand is your business’ identity. It is the lens through which customers see you. It’s important to distinguish and highlight your brand to attract and nurture high value leads and customers.

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Unleash your

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Create a

Social, soft, and emotional skills are all learned abilities that need to be systematically ingrained in a positive way with a long-term focus that will impact both your professional and personal lives.


Our Relationship Selling Program is curated and designed to help you do just that.

Relationships matter. Networks are powerful. Making an investment into your ability to manage meaningful relationships and build a diverse network will be invaluable.


A network truly comes down to each individual. Therefore, an investment in your social, soft, and emotional skills is critical.


About the program.

Our Relationship Selling program includes four half-day workshops, monthly group coaching, Genos 180 RE assessments and feedback reports, as well as a certificate of completion.


Through this program you will discover:

How to deliver bottom line sales results.

Relatus will guide you through how to leverage your presentations, meetings, and touch points and align business relationships with organisational outcomes.



Influence a ‘yes’ outcome.

Through applying effective questioning and listening techniques, we can show you how to convert buying signals into sales and dealing with difficult situations by tapping into emotional intelligence.


Achieve critical goals. 

Finally, our program will strengthen your communication, relationship management and influencing abilities to maximise your business value and achieve critical goals.

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Jobs requiring soft skills – which are also referred to as employability skills and transferable skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, emotional judgment, professional ethics and global citizenship – are projected to grow 2.5 times faster than other occupations where the need for soft skills is less intensive over the period to 2030.

Connecting Dots

Connect with Relatus today. Connect with your customers tomorrow.

We’d love to discuss your business’ needs and in-house delivery that will bring you the success we all dream of.

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