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At Relatus we have developed a proven methodology that ranges from micro learning through to simulated experiences. The future is about smart learning, smart thinking and applying what works!

We focus on helping individuals refine and embed new skills, processes and actions whilst working closely with organisations to align to business outcomes. 

It we are dedicated to help you embed learning's and create real impacts. Our Relationship Networking Program was recognised for Best Learning Transfer and Best Blended Learning Model 2019 


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There are many factors that result in a relationship being successful for all parties. We focus on the US factor! Social, Soft and Emotional skills that help you manage yourself and others to lead to success!


Our tailored, award winning blended program will guide individuals to leverage their networks and work better in this ever changing competitive environment.

According to the Deloitte Insights Paper - The path to prosperity: Why the future of work is human published in 2019, "today’s jobs require us to use our heads, rather than our hands, this binary classification is hiding something important – the work of the heart.


These are the skills that are embedded in both the work of the hands and the work of the head. What do we mean by work of the heart? It is the interpersonal and creative roles that will be hardest of all to mechanise. And that trend has decades to run:

• 86 percent of the jobs created between now and in 2030 will be knowledge worker jobs.

• By 2030, one quarter of Australia’s workforce will be professionals. Most of these will be in business services, health, education or engineering.

• Two-thirds of jobs will be soft-skill intensive by 2030. These trends in job markets aren’t alarming, they’re liberating.


The boring, repetitive work will be done by robots, leaving the more challenging and interesting work for humans.

These new trends are happening so fast they’re catching workers, businesses and governments by surprise.


At the start of this decade, the typical worker lacked 1.2 of the critical skills needed by employers seeking to fill a given position. Today, the average worker is missing around 2 of the 18 critical skills that are advertised for a job. And the gap is still growing, with far-and-away the bulk of those ‘missing skills’, those of the heart"


At Relatus, we work with you to develop your human advantage. We refine skills and align strategies so you foster relationships in a way that works for you, long term!

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change what we do and also who we are

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