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The Relatus team will:

1. Maintain a program of self development and keep abreast of changes and developments relevant to their profession. 

2. Conduct their business activities with courtesy, integrity and humanity; respect for dignity and privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of information acquired in their business activities. 

3. In the administration of training and coaching activities ensure the competence of any individual assigned to perform training and development functions. Accept assignments within their own competence or, when required, seek appropriate expertise from properly qualified individuals.

Relations with Client Organisations and their Employee:
The Relatus team will: 

1. Respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of duty and refrain from using such confidential information for personal benefit, or in a way that may be detrimental to any employing organisation. 

2. Immediately disclose to the client or employing organisation any personal interest that may conflict with the employer's interest. 

3. Act honestly and loyally in carrying out the lawful policy and direction of the employing client organisation and refrain from damaging its image, or reputation. 

4. Accurately portray and represent facts concerning training and coaching activities to individuals, organisations and/or employers entitled to such disclosures. 

5. Conduct evaluation activities, where appropriate, in a manner that will be constructive and beneficial to individuals, organisations and/or employers.

Relations with Individuals being trained:
The Relatus team will: 

1. Refrain from discriminating against individuals on the basis of origin, sex, status, age, beliefs, or perceived contribution to society; and respect the dignity and privacy of the individual. 

2. Pay proper regard to the safety and wellbeing of those personnel within their responsibility and sphere of influence.

Advancing The Profession:
The Relatus team will: 

1. Be ready to acknowledge the work of others and respect the right of authors, publishers and producers of training and development resources. 

2. Maintain a professional attitude and keep abreast of pertinent new knowledge in the field of training and development. 

3. Encourage and support research efforts to promote networking relationship development and coaching. 

(Based on guidelines from the Australian Institute of Training and Development)

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