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The psychology behind successful networking that gets better results

Over the last few decades, I’ve met all types of networker’s - networking can be easy and natural for some, and very hard work for others. Successful networking is a skill that can be learned through training, coaching and practice. Knowing the right techniques and behaviours of effective networking increases confidence and allows you to collaborate and enhance your career. So why is it that some people seem blessed with a natural ability to engage, while others stumble over their words and blush with embarrassment? It all comes down to your frame of mind. The right preparation Being prepared sets you up for success. Those who are new to networking often try and just ‘wing it’. They go from

How to host a networking event to truly impress

Attending networking events is a wonderful way to grow your professional network and knowledge, so it would make sense that hosting an event would allow you to achieve even greater success. In fact, according to a recent HubSpot blog that I read, they said 95% say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships. (Source) Having said that, there is no shortage of events out there and my clients tell me that they are inundated with requested by clients, suppliers and industry to be at something every week so how do you stand out and make it meaningful for yourself and those that attend? Here are some essential points to consider so you save yourself time, money and eff

Why you Should Ditch the Elevator Pitch

"The reason I quit being a sales manager over twenty years now is because I hate elevator pitches. I want to write stories and show people what's in them when they read them, not tell them all about it ahead of time." Kurt Busiek There is so much information available on how to create an “elevator pitch” and the importance of writing, memorising and practicing one. Most of you have heard them delivered or have one yourselves but for those who are unsure, an elevator pitch is basically a short (30 second) spiel you give to someone when you meet them for the first time at a networking event. I'm guessing it was invented so you get to qualify each other quickly. It's how most people are taught





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