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Networking and interpersonal skills: How are the two related?

To be successful in your career or in business these days is becoming increasingly more of a challenge. Businesses have changed considerably, and global expansion has created large multinational companies that often have a matrix management system rather than a traditional tiered hierarchy of management. Products now come to the market faster, industries are expanding and partnerships are more common. All this means it’s more important than ever for those wanting to advance their careers to have the ability to create meaningful professional relationships. Digital methods of communication will only take you so far. In the end, it all comes down to your ability to create a professional network

How to build a powerful network of teams

The organisational structure of modern day companies has changed considerably over the last decade. Businesses are now being forced to move more rapidly, adapt more quickly and learn at a faster rate than ever, and if they can’t do this, they are being left behind. One of the most important changes being seen in this organisational shuffle is the demise of the standard company hierarchy and the rise of networks of teams. Instead of a company being led by a CEO, supported by a General Manager and having tiers of managers and employee levels below that, we’re now seeing networks of teams who work together more cohesively. By working in teams, individual and team goals can be shared for everyon





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