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Customised for your team

We help you get the Human Advantage 
Invest in your Social, Soft & Emotional Intelligence skills

Now is the time to revise key connections, re-kindle relationships and plan

for the new working world of 2023 (& beyond).

We work with teams of all types, intact; leaders, sales, marketing and ad hoc; graduates, future leaders and project teams.


Do You Have a Relational  Gap?


By working together we gain a deep understanding of all your networks, activities, market opportunities and bring them together to form one relationship strategy which is underpinned by building your teams human relationship capability.

90% of Top Performers

Have it. 

So Can You. 

Relationship Networking Program

Our Relationship Networking program gives you the ability to offer your employees the tools they need to feel confident and at ease when representing your company.

Relationship Selling

In today’s virtual age, it is more important than ever to help buyers by fostering strong two-way relationships.

Relational Leader

By refining your emotional intelligence skills, you can become the type of relational leader that takes their company to higher heights.

The Human Advantage 

In an increasingly digitised and automated world, professional networks and relational capabilities will be your advantage.

Organisations today want longevity, sustainability, growth, advocacy, referrals, retention, and a great reputation. Therefore, a focus on the people , not just the product, will be the differentiator to success.

Each year companies spend BILLIONS of dollars on industry memberships, corporate functions and sponsorships. They rely heavily on effective networking and communication for new business generation and benchmarking as well as for managing relationships with existing stakeholders. However, most encounter major challenges in execution and delivering value back to the business.

Many employees share these challenges;

⬢ Reluctance, awkwardness and aversion to networking (do they cluster to each other?)

⬢ Excuses such as “too busy” to spend time developing relationships (do they choose email over face to      face?)
⬢ Understanding how to maximise the value (ROI) through connections made internally and externally         (are they influential, do they converse charismatically and are they memorable - in a good way?)

⬢ Limited people skills/ confidence to represent themselves and organisation externally (though have          solid technical training)

⬢ Knowledge / ability to set up for success with strong internal and external networking relationships (do      they have a strategy to implement that is aligned to their job description?)

⬢ A transactional sales culture rather than a service focus (do they understand they impact they                  individually have on the organisations productivity and profitability?)

Invest in what you can control 

We believe relationships matter and networks are powerful. Fast becoming the most critical asset an organisation has, a network does come down to each individual and therefore an investment in that person's social, soft and emotional skills is critical. 


Harvard and MIT have constantly shown that your personal network positively affects the organisations productivity. These are all learnt skills and must be strategically embedded in a supportive manner with a long term focus.

Hierarchies have  flattened. Workplaces are open-plan

Designed to increase interaction and collaboration. This means interpersonal, communication and influencing skills are more important than ever.

Thankfully humans will always be better at this than robots!

Relational skills are learned skills, though to create behavioural change individuals need to be engaged with the strategy.

Lightning-speed technological advancements

We can't yet fully anticipate how advanced artificial intelligence will become, or exactly what impact automation will have on many roles,.


AI will help empower businesses to accentuate their services and creative capabilities and it's human's who will continue to make an amazing contribution to servicing customers, generating insights and being a point of competitive difference in new and exciting ways. 

We live in an increasingly interconnected world

More than ever authentic relationships, strong teams and connected networks will be critical, yet its never been harder to truly connect.

With billions spent on marketing activities alone, its time to invest in real relationships building based on mutual understanding and aligned to a dedicated strategy.

 Employers want Emotionally Intelligent talent

Digital disruption, globalisation and demographic shifts are shaping Australia’s future skill needs.

Emotional intelligence literally informs every interaction we have. Organisations that invest in human relational skills will benefit from fostering loyalty, a positive culture,  adapting to meet the needs of a changing marketplace and ultimately competitive advantage. 

With all this change, one point is clear; in the future, the factors that will differentiate successful leaders between their competitors is how they can interact, emotionally engage and respond to a wide network of industry players ranging from employees to investors.


“We have had the good fortune to have Julia Palmer present her interactive workshops at a number of our Executive groups since 2016. Her sessions are packed full of insights, case studies and practical tips that our groups felt invaluable, and she is one of the highest rated speakers we’ve had over the last 5 years.
Julia’s presentations deliver a great outcome for Leadership Think Tank, and a great outcome for our members. I highly recommend Julia as a presenter – she’s thoughtful, engaging and, most importantly, credible.”


Director, Leadership Think Tank

“Julia has the ability to teach a difficult skill to anybody, and at every level. It says a lot when people say they remember what was taught days after they’ve walked away from the event, which says a lot about the person whom had conducted the workshop and importantly HOW it was taught.”

Recoveries & Credit Risk Management, Business Banking, NAB

“Julia Palmer is an inspiring keynote speaker and facilitator. Over the years and through the various organisations where I have managed capability development, Julia has facilitated numerous events – from short keynotes to extended programmes. In all of these, the common thread is that Julia actively listens, asks discerning questions and then tailors the programme to align with corporate and business imperatives.
Julia is an absolute delight to work with, extremely professional and nothing is ever too onerous."

Learning & Development Manager, A&NZ at DTZ

Blue Pattern

US based research has found miscommunication costs businesses with up to 100 staff an average of US$420,000 per year. Even more staggeringly, in another study, 400 businesses with at least 100,000 employees each claimed that inadequate communication cost an average of US$62.4 million per company per year.

Get the Relatus Advantage

Relational skills go beyond knowledge of business models and professional experience to include personal traits. Social polish, soft skills and emotional intelligence differ from person to person and must be refined in a supportive manner.



Imagine knowing that your team are confident and capable to represent themselves and the organisation in every encounter- face to face and online! Give them the human advantage by helping them align activity to outcomes and best of all future proof yourselves by implementing strategies that work for you!




Companies embark on great initiatives and we help link actions with results.

Networking Event


The ability to understand oneself and others is complex. The next challenge is having the right strategies to apply.

Microphone Closeup

Strategies to create and manage viable business relationships.

Mobile Phone

Keep current and build your skills to succeed in 2023 and beyond 

Strategies that work for individuals and organisations, long term!

Digital disruption, globalisation and demographic shifts are shaping Australia’s future skill needs, with soft-skill intensive occupations expected to account for two-thirds (63%) of all jobs in Australia by 2030, according to the Soft skills for business success report by Deloitte Access Economics.


Did you hear? Relatus won

Learning Solution of the Year (External)

at the Institute for Learning & Performance’s 2023 Asia Pacific Learning Impact Awards

Relatus_Win_Learning_Solution_Of_The_Year_Julia Palmer.png

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