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16 years came and went, so here it my reflection...

It’s not often you get to stop and reflect. Last year when everything got cancelled, I admit I found it really challenging.

You see, as soon as I could work at age 14, I got my first job to be independent. I travelled and worked in the UK and Europe and Asia in my twenties and in this last two decades, I had two babies and kept working, so when work just stopped, I faced a real identity challenge!

Last year, my business turned 15, we were planning a big party to mark the occasion, but it wasn’t to be. After all, we had a big launch for my first book BUZZ and the launch of Business Networking Academy, so I was looking forward to getting together with peers and clients to mark another occasion.

This year when we turned 16 and sensing my sadness about not being able to celebrate, my thoughtful colleague Linda suggested we do a video looking back over the years.

I’m a bit delayed in sharing it because life just got in the way. I’m finding these latest lockdowns and home-schooling a real juggle.

I’ve dug deep into the archives to retrieve some photos I haven’t seen in a very long time, and they have flooded me with wonderful memories.

I am a keen moment catcher (which also means, I take a lot of pictures), so this has been a very humbling reflection. I have aimed to keep it short so it’s just a highlights reel (in case I've missed a few of the many many events over the years).

In 2005, it all started with seeing someone awkwardly sitting on their own at a networking event refusing to talk to anyone. I was in a corporate partnerships role at the time, and I had spent many years in the conference industry prior to that and just thought I could help this person.

My approach has always been to arm people with great techniques so they can be themselves when connecting. These are all learnt skills that people don't seem to be taught.

The fact that my own network had proved so invaluable continues to inspire me. I am so very grateful to still be in touch with so many of you. You have each individually shaped what the business and I have become.

Today, Relatus prides itself on working with companies that value relationships. Our programs continue to deliver exceptional results and we firmly believe that soft, social and emotional intelligence skills will give you the human advantage.

I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane with me.

With so much gratitude,



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