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What is a real relationship? How to put on a happy face

“Warm company goes a long way to creating happy memories”

- Anonymous

My three-year-old daughter came home from pre-school singing a song about ‘put on your happy face’ and it got me thinking about that and what we are teaching our little ones from such a young age. How often have you been asked if everything is ok, and you reply with “I’m fine”, when you’re far from it? Sometimes it’s easier to pretend everything is okay and avoid having a conversation that might make you feel even worse.

In a world where showing your true feelings is often frowned upon and discouraged (particularly negative feelings), we tend to be ‘putting on a happy face” more than ever.

Not everyone finds expressing their feelings easy, and it comes more naturally to some than others. Saying how and what you really feel is something you learn to do, yet so often we’re teaching our children to put on a happy face and everything will be alright. Putting on a happy face takes its toll in the long run. It’s far better to keep your relationships real and authentic and show your true feelings.

When it comes to business, pretending everything is fantastic all the time can affect your business relationships. People can see when you’re being fake, and they’ll become wary of you.

If you’re feeling flat or unmotivated before your next business networking event, try a few of these tips to change your mental state before you get there. They’ll leave you feeling truly happy; you won’t have to fake it!

  1. Visualise a positive outcome from the event you’re about to attend. Imagine speaking to some wonderful new business contacts, and picture yourself interacting with others positively, showing your authentic charm and charisma.

  2. Think about the sense of achievement you’ll feel at the end of the event after meeting potential new clients. Remember what the excitement of anticipation feels like, and know you’ll get that feeling.

  3. Use positive statements that reflect the environment you’re in. If you’re familiar with NLP, use some anchoring techniques to change your state.

These are just some of the things we teach in our in house training programs. With a bit of help and guidance, you’ll be able to make the most of every networking event you attend.

To find out more about face-to-face networking and how it can help your business, call us on 1300 785 815 for a proper conversation or register for our 1 Day Business Networking Skills Course here.

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