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BUZZ QUOTEMorning gratitude is prospective. Evening gratitude is retrospective.

Dan Rockwell

Last month I celebrated 15 years of business!

We had planned a big cocktail party and of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, I have spent a lot of time reflecting.

I remember so clearly the day I came home from work and said to my husband that I was quitting my job the next day! It was 2005, we got married in April, my father had passed in May and I launched my business in July – what a year and I was only halfway through!

In November that year, I was invited to give my first keynote to a CEO audience at the Hyatt Sydney. I was very nervous and honestly didn’t see what I can teach senior leaders of business about networking relationships that they didn’t already know. I was humbled by our conversations that morning.

This was the testimonial I received which has driven the work that I do, motivated me and will stay with me forever…

“Thank you so much for addressing our leading CEO’s at the Premium Brands Group breakfast with a powerful relationship and network building message. Relationship building and management is daunting for a lot of people, even leaders of business, and our guests all commented on how insightful your comments were and how they got something very positive out of it. It is great to see a business like yours out there helping make it easier to grow businesses!” Director, Premium Brands Group

Well that was then and so much has changed along the way. To summarise the big stuff, we had three business re brands and a small pivot internally alongside a Global Financial Crisis, AI impacts to the future of work and now a pandemic!

I’m glad that in that time, the need for business relationship skills has only grown.

I would like to start by thanking all those that have been part of my relationships, each one of you (and too many to mention by name), have played the most vital role in my being and business. Starting with my parents who taught me respect and responsibility. They showed me the world and its amazing people and places so that I could learn to communicate and value individuals at a deeper level.

My friends along the way, the strong ones, the gentle ones and the fun ones.

Looking back, I’ve been lucky to have had good role models as bosses. They inspired and developed me and mostly they saw in me, what I couldn’t and pushed me through.

Those that I clashed with, I learnt from too.

My many peers, in my many roles, oh the good times we have had! I’ve been so lucky to work in different cities around the world but wouldn't trade it for my leafy home base view right now. My year and a half in Stockholm stands out with some of my best ever memories created there.

In this last month I have been remembering and reflecting. It truly comes down to the people you surround yourself with. They shape your story, your successes and failures and ultimately your career.

For the last 15 years, running my own show, I couldn’t be more grateful to my team (past and present) and clients (past and present) equally. I feel so privileged to have worked alongside one another, learning and growing together.

It hasn’t been easy, nothing is right? So, my last, most heartfelt thanks goes to the advisors that helped me get to this day. My guides, my mentors, the truth tellers and navigators. Without you, I could not be here, and I am forever grateful for your wisdom.

From that very first keynote to a boardroom of CEO’s, I have presented in a Palace, a Pub and everywhere in between!

Half halfway through a program, a participant once said to me “so what you’re saying is we can be ourselves?” This question, this innocent, curious question has quite honestly driven me ever since to help people do just that!

Many years ago, I was quoted in AFR BOSS saying “Business relationships take time to develop. Don't expect relationships to be instantly profitable. Networking is not just the selling and buying process. People discuss ideas, interact and learn". Since then, so much independent research has proved the power of your best intangible asset - relationships.

Looking back at the thousands of people I have presented to, trained and coached, I am proud and lucky to have such a fulfilling career helping them develop their relational capabilities. Refining soft, social and emotional intelligence skills to be their true selves and be confident and comfortable in doing so.

I firmly believe relationships matter and networks are powerful and look forward to a human focussed future where we can work better together.

Happy Netships as always



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