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Client Case Study 


UNSW Sydney has engaged Julia and Relatus for the last five years to equip UNSW researchers with the essential networking, relationship management and human skills needed to succeed in contemporary work places and society more broadly.


Gone are the days when deep technical and subject matter expertise alone are sufficient for success. Julia is an outstanding communicator and facilitator and I cannot recommend her highly enough to all sectors and disciplines.

Warwick Dawson

Director, Knowledge Exchange

Division of Research and Enterprise

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Relatus was delighted to have the opportunity to work with UNSW Sydney again to develop the Academic Researcher's team by focusing on strengthening soft, social and emotional skills.


Participants included Researchers that;

  • Represent all disciplines

  • Geographically spread

  • Project focussed

  • Juggle multiple priorities

Program Structure:

  • Customisation interviews with key stakeholders & actionable KPI’s measured

  • 4 half days of face-to-face /hybrid learning development with a relational strategist, Julia Palmer.

  • 6 sessions on interactive mobile micro learning app to link to workshop techniques with post workshop articles, videos, actions, group interaction, coaching and measurement.

  • X1 1:1 60-minute Coaching session per participant

  • Printed bound training manual

  • PDF personalized downloaded workbook at the conclusion with all activity from the app

  • Certificate of completion 



The program consisted of 12 participants and was  delivered via face -to-face & zoom, due to COVID.

Start date was from June, with the first workshop being face-to-face, with the next 3 plus graduation were on zoom, due to the increasing numbers of people contracting the COVID-19 virus. We ended the workshop with a Zoom celebration were

participants received Certificates and

Prizes in October 2021.

We had a face-to-face celebration in

July 2022, with that years cohort as well



Deployment was based on integrating into the UNSW Sydney Operating Rhythm.

  • Arm the participants with relevant techniques to network effectively in today’s working environment

  • Ensuring activity is matched to marketing opportunities to achieve targets.

  • Ensuring networks that are developed are leveraged and strengthened proactively

  • Forging stronger business relationships and improving the success rate of referrals

  • Ensuring capability development is embedded



Despite juggling lecturing, research and managing PHD students, 50% of the cohort completed with 100% and the remainder with 88% or higher. We believe this shows an acceptance of the learning strategy and outperforms industry norms for this type of approach.


Reaction to the Learning strategy in order of participant preference;

  1. Blended facilitation (26%)

  2. The Micro Learning App (23%)

  3. Group workshop (19%)

  4. Program Materials (19%)

  5. Opportunity to Practice in the
    Real World (13%)



Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 2.16.03 pm.png

Relatus presented UNSW Sydney with a detailed RNP final report. We included an appendix with every response to every question on the app.


In summary the program;

  • Increased confidence levels

  • Improved the quality of communication

  • Resulted in new business
    opportunities - with one participant
    winning a major grant for the

The project met the ROI metrics:


Overall participants are better leaders, communicators, influencers and most importantly to feel comfortable and confident to be themselves when representing themselves and UNSW Sydney in all opportunities.


Participant feedback about learning impacts;

  • “As a result of this program I have a new appreciation for how I can do a lot of tiny actions over time that will really build solid relationships.”

  • “As a result of this program I will practice not being a conversation narcissist and practice my short sharp introductions”

  • “As a result of this program I am being more deliberate with my time and efforts in connecting with people”

Team Leader, 

Knowledge Exchange

Division of Research and Enterprise


"The most valuable part for me is that it is okay for me to reach out first. This thought that others are too busy to listen and network is really unfounded. As mentioned, humans crave connection and this is more so as we are increasingly working from home due to COVID. So embracing network, social media and putting myself out there a bit more was a valuable take home message"

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