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The 6 biggest Networking Mistakes and
How to Overcome them!



Fast becoming the most critical asset, a network does come down to each individual and the way we ultimately engage and conduct ourselves. After all, relationships matter and networks are powerful! 

Self Paced Micro Learning Program 


Inspiration and articles that improve your relationship networking strategy.



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Enrolment & Details

No doubt, Networking takes work - it is a skill that must be learned and developed. Sign up now to start your capability development journey today;

After 6 vital sessions participants will be able to identify and demonstrate a strategy of 60 skills necessary to networking effectively - anytime and anywhere!

Objective & Approach

The Networking with P.E.O.P.L.E.  course is based on the research undertaken by Relatus to identify the six biggest mistakes we make when networking. The course details how to avoid them by following the techniques outlined in this easy to remember six-part capability development program.

This course is a compilation of the latest cutting edge communication tools and techniques used in the world today. It has been cleverly structured to teach them in a logical order, which forms a strategy that you can apply to all communication.


Why do I need a networking strategy?  The best way to produce a consistent and positive result when networking is by  understanding and actioning a set sequence  of internal and external processes - just like following a recipe!


Described as "Networking Surgery", by the end of this course,

participants are armed with 60 decisive and cutting edge techniques - a permanent strategy that ensures networking success


This course is founded on extensive global research and based on competency standards set by Relatus.

Aimed at those who want to;                                                                                                                                     
  1. Establish, create and participate in networks                                                             

  2. Utilise methods to prepare and present information to promote your organisation          

  3. Build and maintain business/ client base                                                                    

  4. Excel in self confidence and charisma                                                                        

  5. Learn techniques for building relationships of trust and longevity                                  

  6. Understand principles of effective communication in relation to listening, questioning, verbal and non verbal communication                                                                                                       

  7. Master networking skills and techniques

  8. Manage, review and assess networking for effectiveness                                             

  9. Enjoy networking and get the right results

Challenges we cover
  1. How to navigate a totally virtual world of networking (and prepare for a return to face to face)

  2. Reluctance, awkwardness and/ or aversion to connecting and staying connected

  3. Excuses such as “too busy” to spend time developing relationships 

  4. Understanding how to maximise the value (ROI) through connections made internally and externally    (are you influential, do you converse charismatically and are you memorable - in a good way?)

  5. Slight social awkwardness/ lack of confidence to represent yourself and the organisation to potential clients, peers and stakeholders (though you have solid technical training)

  6. Knowledge / ability to set up for success with strong internal and external networking relationships (do you have a strategy to implement that is aligned to your job description/ career plan?)

  7. A transactional sales culture rather than a service focus (do you understand the impact you individually  have on the organisations productivity and profitability?)


"I found the Networking with PEOPLE course very eye opening. I have been networking for many years and here is a development course which is able to improve my skills. Controlling the conversation is an area which I am specifically focusing on now."

Managing Director

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The interactive program has been curated by Julia Palmer- highly regarded Relational Strategist 

Her expertise includes over 20 years of practice and research combined with Advanced Certifications in Neuro-linguistics, Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT), Performance Consulting, Training and Assessment.


She has held senior level management positions working for multinational organisations and living in cities spanning Sydney, London, Stockholm, and Singapore, each experience honing her business acumen and evolving her managerial, communication, interpersonal and sales skills.


She has authored two books ‘Schmoozing the Globe’ and ‘BUZZ’ and appears regularly in TV, Radio and Print Media promoting the growing importance of networking relationships in business today.

A bit about Relatus

Since 2005, Julia Palmer and her team are proud to say that we have worked with a growing list of returning and new clients to refine their networking. communication and relationship skills with outstanding results.

In 2019, Relatus won Industry recognition for Learning Transfer and Blended Learning. The MCI program we are customising for you was designed from over two decades of real world experience and is a genuine approach to creating and managing relationships with your complex networks.

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  1. Do I need to attend all sessions?
    YES - each one builds on the next with actions to complete in between through a dedicated program app. The first workshop will cover all the foundations to build on.

  2. Is there pre work?
    Yes, but not much. We will set you up on the app and ask you a few questions to help tailor the program for you.

  3. What is the app work?
    You will be given access to a dedicated mobile learning app that has actions and activities to do/ watch/ read. This helps you embed the learning.

  4. Who else will be there?
    People like you - who have identified a gap and the need to upskill in this critical area 


"I have been networking for forty plus years and considered I had a good understanding of the process. This course identified some aspects I had not considered and showed how to conduct a more professional approach"


“A very valuable course – thoroughly relevant to by business and I have already seen the benefits from it – I would recommend this course”
Branch Manager

“Thank you so much for your time putting us through the paces of Networking! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and certainly came out with much more knowledge than I thought initially possible”
Event Sales Manager

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