Our Approach

Committed to building next generation human relational capability. At Relatus we have developed an award winning, proven methodology that ranges from micro learning through to simulated experiences. 

Our consultative approach combines our extensive knowledge & experience with the most relevant content, whereby, we empower senior executives, all levels of management, front line and support staff with relevant and proven strategies.

We work together with each client combining advisory and capability development services. Our programs are highly practical, deeply personalised and results focussed. We help you to strengthen relationships, maximise opportunities and improve the confidence of the team when

representing themselves and the organisation.

Since Ebbinghaus and his pioneering experiential studies of the memory, we know that we tend to forget 80% of what we have learned within 30 days if there is no attempt to retain the new knowledge. Therefore, frequent short bursts of content are much more effective than one-off learning interventions or ‘binge’ learning. Active recall after a few days or spaced repetition of content nuggets ensures a dramatic increase in knowledge retention and most importantly - behavioural change.





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