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My Christmas Wish For You

So much has been said already about the crazy, unprecedented times, so allow me just to take you back to a simpler time where true connections were all we needed for fulfilment.

You see, I recently celebrated my birthday and being a Sagittarius, we like to socialise so I normally have a big party (or two:). At such occasions, I am so busy hosting that I don't sit down and enjoy time with anyone. This year, I just thought about the people I had really missed seeing and want to chat to/ be around and have a good time with. I split my birthday weekend into 3 events and had smaller, much more enjoyable gatherings. I also had a few 1:1 lunches/ dinner either side too:).

Depth is a big learning for me from current times. Yes, we spend hours on video chats with the Grandparents in the UK. Yes, I stop and help the injured wildlife, even though I have somewhere to be. Yes, I check on my elderly neighbours when there is a black out or severe storm. These are all simple things but they take a lot of time. Time we don't stop and make usually.

This week our neighbours turned 92 and 88. Their birthdays are 4 days apart and they have spent their lifetimes together. When the pandemic hit, they were literally isolated as one of their daughters still lives in Italy and the other on the Central Coast of NSW. We did a lot for them over this time and I have made sure to "need" them too. When I ran out of oil, or forgot to buy onions or when my hand blender stopped working, I didn't just race to the shops as I normally would have. I walked across the road and asked to borrow. Their eye's light up, they love to have visitors and they love to be able to help me back.

I took this photo yesterday when I popped in with a chilled bottle of Prosecco (their fav) to wish them happy birthday's. We were invited in and it was immediately opened. We sat and chatted. I take my kids with me so they can see the difference it makes to go and show you care. I genuinely walk away feeling their love and that sense of happiness from bringing someone else some joy to their day.

I have learnt many things from them and this time; I now use my Crystal glassware instead of saving it in a cupboard. I listen for clues on how to help people and brighten their day and try and follow through when I see a chance to do so. Most importantly, I (remind myself to) take time to be present and just BE with others.

I genuinely wish this and more for you this festive season.

These are all learnt skills and ones we need to reflect on and refine. Relatus will be back in the New Year after a much needed break and we look forward to hearing about the time you spent with your nearest and dearest.

All the very best to you are yours:)



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