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Festive Gratitude For The Bonds That Connect Us

Today is a good friend of mine’s birthday, so this morning I looked through all my year’s pictures to create her a collage to post.


We didn’t start close and only met a few years ago. Looking back our friendship has strengthened a lot given the time we have known each other. This like many good relationships is due to the bonds that connect us. We have a mutual friend in common, her daughter is in my daughter’s year, her son is in my son’s year, we have the same sense of humour and similar interests and most importantly, we share the same values.


Reflecting on this relationship, got me thinking about the whole year that has just passed. Luckily for me, I take lots of pictures so here are some of my highlights.


After 18 years, doing what I do and overcoming a GFC and pandemic in that time, this year was certainly a very rewarding one.


I loved connecting in person with my networks again.


I loved helping clients to overcome their challenges and develop skills and strategies to do the same.


I loved meeting and helping new clients.


I loved working with long term and cherished clients.


I loved travelling again.


I loved seeing my kids’ faces as they tried and did new things.


I loved hanging out with lots of different dogs.


I loved being for my friend during her breast cancer journey.


I loved taking my daughter to her first concert.


I loved helping charities and those in need.


I loved supporting others and feeling supported.


I loved spending lots of time with family and friends again.


I loved celebrating birthdays and special occasions with others.


I loved winning an Industry award for ‘Learning Solution of The Year’.


The year has had it's ups and down, but it was certainly made better by the people I shared it with. Whether you are blessed with old connections or creating new ones, I hope you will find lots of bonds that connect you with those around you and that the festive season brings you love, light and fun.



Thank you to all those that have been part of my and Relatus’ 2023 journey. We can’t wait to see you on the other side.


Happy Everything,



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