Get the Human Advantage
Invest in your Social, Soft & Emotional Skills

The Relationship Networking Program (RNP) was designed from over two decades of real world experience. After all, relationships matter and networks are powerful! 


Fast becoming the most critical asset, a network does come down to each individual and the way we ultimately engage and conduct ourselves. 


Join us for our annual open capability development program. This is your opportunity to refine your social, soft and emotional skills and gain the necessary strategies you need to succeed in our modern working environment.

Secure your seat to RNP to get the best out of the 2020 and beyond.

Limited places available, so secure your spot now.

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The future is human so make sure your network works for you (now and long term).

Julia's book is available here for a limited time to help you invest in your relational capital and get the human advantage.

Aimed at:
  1. Anyone that attends, hosts or sponsors events

  2. New leaders who want to accelerate their ability to influence empathetically

  3. Technical specialists who need to engage with others

  4. Professionals who operate in complex networks with partners, clients and stakeholders

  5. Business Development people who don't like the transactional approach

  6. Account and Relationship Managers who have pivotal roles in maintaining customers and clients

  7.  All those that understand personal brand and the ability to succeed are linked to the network of relationships you manage

Challenges we cover

⬢  Reluctance, awkwardness and aversion to networking (avoid clustering with who you arrived with)

⬢  Excuses such as “too busy” to spend time developing relationships (do you choose email over face to       face?)
⬢  Understanding how to maximise the value (ROI) through connections made internally and externally           (are you influential, do you converse charismatically and are you memorable - in a good way?)

⬢  Slight social awkwardness/ lack of confidence to represent yourself and the organisation externally              (though you have solid technical training)

⬢  Knowledge / ability to set up for success with strong internal and external networking relationships (do       you have a strategy to implement that is aligned to your job description/ career plan?)

⬢  A transactional sales culture rather than a service focus (do you understand the impact you individually       have on the organisations productivity and profitability?)

Enrolment & Details

AUD $885 + GST Includes:

  • 1 Day face-to-face workshop

  • 3 Modules with private group access to actions/ activities on an interactive mobile micro learning app to embed learnings 

  • 1 x 2 hour face -to-face- recap and celebration session 

  • Training Folder, user licensee's and all materials 

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access to frameworks, further reading articles, videos, etc



GROUP 1 2020

May 7 - Face to FaceWorkshop (9-5pm)

May -August - Individual Mobile Learning App Actions

August - 1:1 Coaching call with Julia Palmer

September 10  - Event to celebrate & review (4-6pm)

GROUP 2 2020 

August 6  - Face to FaceWorkshop (2-5pm)

Aug - Oct - Individual Mobile Learning App Actions

October - 1:1 Coaching call with Julia Palmer

November 11 - Event to celebrate & review (4-6pm)

Venue For F2F Workshop: 

Retro Space, City Tattersalls

198 Pitt St, Sydney CBD NSW 2000

LIMITED PLACES for maximum learning transfer and individual strategic planning.

Objective & Approach

Take charge of your career and gain skills, refine behaviours and work on actions that will help you succeed. 


The program will;

  • Give you the techniques to network, relate and truly engage effectively (based on psychology, sociology and science)

  • Remove reluctance, awkwardness and aversion to representing yourself and your business 

  • Ensure activity is matched to opportunities (so you stop wasting your time and money out there)

  • Help you to develop a personalised relationship networking strategy (and reap the rewards)

Strengthen your communication, relationship management and influencing abilities to achieve your critical goals & maximise value. 


To embed the learned skills, attain behavioural change and achieve the necessary individual and organisational outcomes we have customised a 4-part program to run over 4 months. 


The blended program combines several learning styles and is conducive to determining genuine and individualised networking and relationship management strategies.

Your Network

Organisational hierarchies are flattening and with it comes a team based and networked approach to business. Knowing how to identify and incorporate ALL connections into your relationship strategy is vital to your success

Your Gravitas

How do others perceive you? Learn what you can do to form more positive first impressions, host and be hosted and position yourself so others know how to promote you

Your Impact

It's been said it's too late to build a relationship when you need it most. Linking behavioural change with a touchpoint plan will elevate your results and profoundly impact on your influence, reputation and referral rates

Your Influence

Verbal, non-verbal, listening are a given when developing communications skills. Having your own Emotional Intelligence strategy is what will set you apart

Your Network

Expand your reach

  • Network mapping

  • Personal planning and alignment

  • Identification and activities

  • Impactful message

Your Gravitas

Represent yourself

  • Social graces

  • First impressions 

  • Develop Charisma

  • Memorable conversations

  • Mindset

Your Influence

Understand yourself and others

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communicate verbally and non-verbally

  • Communication methods & techniques

Your Impact

Benefit from the Ripple Effect

  • Maintain relationships

  • Positioning & touch-point plan

  • Perception and profile building



  • Early Bird Discount! - Save $100pp using code 'EarlyBirdRNP1

  • Save $150pp for 2 or more bookings. Use Code 'TwoPlus'


“This program is great! I have a deeper understanding of relationships and the factors that go into making them work for me and my role” 


You will be working directly with Julia Palmer- highly regarded Relational Strategist 

Her expertise includes over 20 years of practice and research combined with Advanced Certifications in Neuro-linguistics, Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT), Performance Consulting, Training and Assessment.


She has held senior level management positions working for multinational organisations and living in cities spanning Sydney, London, Stockholm, and Singapore, each experience honing her business acumen and evolving her managerial, communication, interpersonal and sales skills.


She has authored two books ‘Schmoozing the Globe’ and ‘BUZZ’ and appears regularly in TV, Radio and Print Media promoting the growing importance of networking relationships in business today.

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  1. Do I need to attend all sessions?
    YES - each one builds on the next with actions to complete in between through a dedicated program app. The first workshop will cover all the foundations to build on.

  2. Is there pre work?
    Yes, but not much. We will set you up on the app and ask you a few questions to help tailor the program for you.

  3. What is the app work?
    You will be given access to a dedicated mobile learning app that has actions and activities to do/ watch/ read. This helps you embed the learning.

  4. Who else will be there?
    People like you - who have identified a gap and the need to upskill in this critical area 

  5. What do I bring?
    We will provide all materials for you so just bring your pen (though we will also have them too). 

  • Early Bird Discount! - Save $100pp using code 'EarlyBirdRNP1

  • Save $150pp for 2 or more bookings. Use Code 'TwoPlus'


"One of the most important things we do at AGSM is hosting Events and networking. We build and nurture relationships with our clients, potential partners, participants and alumni.  I very quickly realised that there is both an art and skill to networking and not everyone is comfortable with how to authentically network.  Julia spent time understanding our individual and collective strengths and concerns and develop 4 modules of very practical and challenging sessions. 

I personally found the frameworks, tools and practice invaluable. I commend Julia and her team to anyone wanting to really understand authentic networking and strengthening business relationships.”​

Executive Director | AGSM Executive Education AGSM@UNSW Business School

" This Program has helped me to better identify and manage my network. It has given me the confidence and skills to nurture my network better, and given me confidence to “realise my potential".  It has given me a timely reminder to recalibrate my purpose

As a result of this program I will trust my own judgement on situations, develop my ability to regulate my own emotions, and build resilience"           

Principal, Mechanical Engineer / Energy Consultant

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